Originating from Texas’ Bryan College Station is the explosive artist Raymond Goosby, also known as Jon Boi. Raymond was born in 1984 in Bryan, TX but later moved to Ft. Hood, leaving behind family and friends with a promise of beginning a better life. At first, it seemed that basketball would be Raymond’s key to his destiny, but a tragic and career-ending ACL reconstruction forced him away from the sport. Unable to play, Raymond fell into a four-month period of pain and disbelief. Raymond searched for purpose, but it would take a few months more until full clarity came to him. When the dust of his daze settled, he knew what he loved: music. Free-styling on the bus to school, rapping in the shower, and fighting with rhymes instead of blows: those had been his best times, and made his best memories. It was music, not basketball that Raymond wanted to be his career.


With renewed motivation, Raymond rushed to get a live performance microphone from Wal-Mart. A name had to come next, and, like every great artist, Raymond struggled to find his identity with the right one. He started with Low Pro, and later became the Riddla. He considered Ray Goose, but something just wasn’t clicking. Then he received a life-changing call from his mother: his younger brother, Jonathan, had been sentenced to 50 years in prison. With no other way to support his brother, Raymond began to use Jonathan’s nickname: Jon Boi.Performance name SECURED, Jon Boi joined the group The Outta Line Click (OLC) in 2007. When the group disbanded, he signed with the Dallas, Texas-based management company MWN Music Group in 2008, but was dropped abruptly and without cause. Despite these difficulties, Jon Boi kept his head up and strode on towards success, staying true to his love of music. While continuing to write the music that represented himself and his story, Jon Boi became involved with the business side of the music industry.  While he began to work behind the scenes of music, he continued to perform throughout Texas and in Atlanta, demonstrating his craft and winning several Hip Hop competitions. He was even honored to receive the Central Texas Top Artist Music Award, solidifying his spot amongst the musical legends throughout Texas.  Things were looking up: Jon Boi had zeroed in on his strengths and learned from his mistakes.


But then—like in all great stories---his personal life began to deteriorate  . Jon Boi’s close friend and father-figure, David Johnson, passed. Losing David was one of the hardest moments of Raymond’s life, but through leaning on his friends, family, and music, he pushed through… But not without pain.


During several years of grieving, Jon Boi carried on what should have been a dead-end street. Jon Boi’s hard work and talent, though, managed to get him the attention he demanded. Since then, he has opened for major artists such as Ginuwine, Juvenile, G-UNIT etc, and received attention and acclaim for his eye-catching performances. He has spread his music around utilizing multiple networking opportunities, which led to many appearances on radio & television stations, reaching crowds from the South to the Westcoast; created theme songs for program directors; and, in 2013, founded Jon Boi Music Group. Today, he carries on with his passion, climbing even higher to the top.


To say that Raymond Goosby has not been through the fire would be a false statement. Raymond Goosby—Jon Boi—is fire, bouncing back after each hardship and going unrecognized for years before setting the world aflame and becoming a household name. This is his life, his struggle. This is Jon Boi.



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